Give IPv6 connectivity to its Docker containers using an IPv6 block from its ISP

It may seem surprising that a modern service like Docker does not offer IPv6 in containers by default, especially when in a network with IPv6. In fact, for the same reason we saw in the introductory article, since the containers are in a virtual network, they cannot be reached by the box/router distributing the IPv6 subnet. The same phenomenon can be observed with IPv4: each container has an IPv4 in a subnet separate from the one in which our host machine is located. [Read More]

Use the additional IPv6 blocks of the Free and Orange network

With Free and Orange, when IPv6 is not disabled, the Freebox (and some Livebox) provide a /64 IPv6 range to the connected equipment. But it turns out that it is a /60 range that is available and usable by each subscriber. This represents a total of 8 addressable /64 networks. Let’s see what it can be used for and how to use it. IPv6 reminders Contrary to IPv4, with IPv6 one avoids making NAT, i. [Read More]