Who am I?

Hello! nemunaire here, aka Pierre-Olivier; I am an engineer (and passionate about how things work), a teacher (and a pioneer of gamification in my classes), a cook (and an advocate of limiting the ecological footprint in our eating habits) and I also fight against the hold of GAFAM on our time. Besides, I generally adhere to stoicism. I love typography, challenges, chocolate (or vanilla?? the choice is too hard) and so many other things!

Currently entrepreneur in various businesses. Previously worked as devops for Novaquark, prior to worked as embedded software engineer at Qarnot computing, then Chief Information Security Officer and senior software architect at Qarnot computing.

After 5 years in Epita, in 2014, I am a graduate engineer! I was following the System, Network and Security classes.
During my studies, I was root of the assistants' laboratory and of the System, Network and Security laboratory.

With my rich creativity, I’m always working on a lot of amazing projects. I spend most of my free time to improve system support, document and promote ARM-based computer (and now RISC-V), whether embedded, server or desktop.
Check out my gitea instance or my GitHub account.

You won’t find me on any social network, because I don’t have time to sell my privacy for free (and I fight against most of them).

I’m crazy about any knowledge (mainly focus on sciences, typography, society, companies, faune and flora, …) and am looking for more freedom and independence.

On my spare time, I also play drums and cook.