Currently Chief Information Security Officer and senior software architect at Qarnot computing. Previously worked as devops for Novaquark, priori to worked as embedded software engineer at Qarnot computing.

After 5 years in Epita, in 2014, I am a graduate engineer! I was following the System, Network and Security classes.
During my studies, I was root of the assistants’ laboratory and of the System, Network and Security laboratory.

With my rich creativity, I’m always working on a lot of amazing projects. I spend most of my free time to improve system support, document and promote ARM-based computer, whether server or desktop.
Check out my local gitweb or my GitHub account.

You won’t find me on any social network, because I don’t have time to sell my privacy for free (and I fight against most of them).

I’m crazy about any knowledge (mainly focus on sciences, typography, society, companies, faune and flora, …) and am looking for more freedom and independence.