My private SSH keys managment

I always have a different SSH key pair per machine. The aim is to really never copy my private key from a machine to another over network or USB stick.

Client keys

With this approach, if one of my host is compromised and/or my key could have been exposed, I have only to remove granted access to this key to host or services (OK, that can be painful to find such services), but I can continue to use other no-compromised keys to work.

As you can see on my github account, I’ve registered several keys, because I don’t work from the same machine every time.

It can sometime be complicated to give me access to machine, but in most case, I tend to centralize most of my outgoing connections from a single host, which is in fact my home desktop: oupaout.

Here is a list of my keys' md5 fingerprints:

  • assouan
  • aton: 0d:89:02:4a:45:51:0c:43:e8:be:2e:99:38:5b:88:0e (ED25519)
  • aton: ee:61:d5:bf:b0:23:93:1a:bb:32:ef:34:10:fb:aa:77 (RSA 4096)
  • bastet (legacy): 4a:51:80:24:b0:69:7a:59:fc:44:08:29:aa:15:42:5b (RSA 4096)
  • EPITA personal rack (legacy): 91:95:bc:4e:e7:b2:5b:9c:7f:71:4a:7d:0a:43:80:17 (RSA 4096)
  • EPITA SSH gate (legacy)
  • EPITA YACKU laboratory (legacy): 80:7c:8e:42:53:ee:0f:b5:27:d5:63:ab:b4:5a:46 (RSA 4096)
  • khonsou: 0d:89:02:4a:45:51:0c:43:e8:be:2e:99:38:5b:88:0e (ED25519)
  • khonsou_old: f5:dc:fd:db:c8:ce:ec:df:33:86:54:58:05:7e:d2:74 (ED25519)
  • montou: this machine can’t be used as outgoing host.
  • nout: this machine can’t be used as outgoing host.
  • nout_old: e8:69:71:3c:5e:cc:3c:d5:7d:a2:67:30:a9:35:df:24 (RSA 4096)
  • ouaset: 5e:01:65:8c:ae:9e:6e:f3:a5:88:80:16:fa:bf:d6:ac (ED25519)
  • oupaout: 30:04:ad:11:57:e0:e9:dc:a2:e0:d2:65:cd:60:9a:ab (ED25519)
  • Rescue key: 30:15:a7:3f:0b:51:7a:53:7b:47:bd:00:21:55:ee:bd (RSA 4096)
  • satis: this machine has no key pair yet.
  • seth: 6a:1f:05:60:fa:6b:32:f3:2d:ba:e3:36:e7:6b:7b:13 (ED25519)
  • seth: 03:a9:3a:3a:e1:e0:99:24:69:15:cb:a5:58:5c:3f:6c (RSA 4096)
  • seth_old: 97:8c:bc:9a:ec:62:8d:b8:1a:88:b1:0d:d9:62:1a:04 (RSA 4096)

Get the fingerprint from a private or public key file

ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f KEY_FILE

Usign PGP

Sometime, I use my authentication PGP key as SSH key. Read the related article to view the public key.

Server keys

The domain, contains SSHFP records for each physical host. To avoid answering this message without further checks:

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 00:11:22:33:44:55:66:77:88:99:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

you can use the following command: ssh -o "VerifyHostKeyDNS yes" $

Generate SSHFP records

SSHFP records can be generated with the following command:

ssh-keygen -r HOSTNAME